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granite kitchen countertops

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At Doniphan Granite Worx, it's our goal to make your dream a reality. If you've had your heart set on magazine-worthy kitchens and bathrooms that have that spa-like feel, we're confident we can emulate those designs. With an experienced team of installers, we're well-acquainted and knowledgeable of each natural stone we work with to ensure quality implementation every time.

From classic granite counters to chic quartz enclosures, no matter what you have in mind, we can incorporate a look that will beautifully complement your aesthetic preference.


granite kitchen countertops

kitchen counters

A dream kitchen starts here. And a significant highlight of any grand kitchen is countertops. Granite, marble and quartz all add a luxurious touch that not only adds functional appeal but buyer appeal as well. Easier to clean and maintain, these natural stone countertops are well-worth the investment.

marble bathroom vanity

bathroom vanities

Just like your kitchen space, part of what adds that luxurious feel to your bathroom is countertops. We can transform your ordinary vanity into something truly extraordinary----a true spa oasis with custom granite, marble and quartz counters.

stunning staircase

Stunning Showers

If you're seeking to add a clean, modern appeal to your bathroom incorporating natural stones is a must! From in-shower granite seating to stunning quartz shower enclosures, let us bring your vision to life.

granite table top

Custom Designs

As we've stated before, there is no limit to our creativity when it comes to natural stone materials. A few unique ways we can incorporate granite, marble and quartz includes table tops, seating and so much more!

art collage

granite, marble and quartz materials

Granite Varieties

As a durable, lasting stone this uniquely beautiful material is ideal for use in homes and commercial fronts. Its widespread utility can be seen in stunning kitchen countertops, vanities, indoor and outdoor fountains, bathroom enclosures and much more.

Stunning marble

Marble is truly one of the most lovely natural stone materials. Usually light in color, marble tones range from whites, creams with inflections of greys and tans. Marble literally means "shining stone" and it stands true to its meaning.

Elegant Quartz

Quartz is truly the embodiment of beauty. As far as natural stones are concerned, it stands at the height of luxury. Due to its minimalist, clean style, quartz serves as a pleasing option for sleek kitchen counter tops and as elements within bathroom enclosures.

style that goes further

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